Update about the HealthWorld


Your pharmacist is now the most accessible healthcare professional and at Cloud Care, we work alongside a diverse team of health professionals that range from family doctors, pain specialists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, and chiropractors to ensure that there is always open dialogue about every aspect of your health. It’s clear from the first time you walk in, our pharmacists take time with you to understand your health concerns and carefully explain everything you want and need to know about your treatments; like exercise changes to improve your heart, lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy blood sugar, and testing your blood pressure on site and explaining healthy ranges.

Cloud Pharmacists are here for your health and peace of mind. Ask for a few minutes in our private counselling room if you have any questions or concerns about your health or bring in the medications that you’ve been taking and were wondering about, and we’ll go through everything with you. Taking care to explain important details such as what to expect when starting a new medication, how to monitor if a therapy is working or lifestyle changes to make to help improve your health.

Integrative health is a key focus of Cloud Care, and you can expect the same in Cloud Pharmacy. Our manager, Joseph Fanous, is keen on making Cloud Pharmacy an essential part of your healthcare team.

Health Plus
Cloud Care Clinics is downtown Toronto’s newest interdisciplinary medical health practice. With an emphasis on patient-centered care, our doctors and therapists draw upon the various knowledge and strengths of each of their disciplines, working together to help patients reach their peak health potential.