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Naturopathic Doctors are primary care health professionals that focus on treating the body as whole through individualized care. They are experts in natural medicine and integrate a variety of natural therapies to support the self-healing capacity latent in every human body.

Naturopathic Doctors promote health through prevention and focus on addressing the root cause of disease. Through the integration of standard medical diagnostic tools and the traditional philosophies of health and disease, Naturopaths focus on providing a high standard of quality care that is tailored to your unique health needs.

Evidence based natural therapies are utilized while respecting and addressing the energetic and spiritual contributors to health. Naturopathic Doctors work in collaboration with other health care professionals to optimize your health and are trained to make appropriate referrals when warranted.



Naturopathic treatment options include:

Clinical Nutrition:
Food is information to the body. What we put in our body has a tremendous influence on our mood, energy, digestive system, immune system and long-term health. Diet remains the cornerstone of any treatment program. Dr. Arjomand takes the time to review each patient’s diet diary and eating patterns, and will discuss changes which would optimize overall health and well being. Individualized dietary guidelines are often recommended to help you achieve your health goals.

Diet recommendations are made on an individual basis, focusing on foods that may be harmful or beneficial for each individual.

Nutritional supplements are prescribed where they can provide an added therapeutic benefit, or alleviate a deficiency. These benefits may include increased energy, improved immunity, decreased inflammation, and improved gastrointestinal function. In some cases intra-muscular injections of vitamin B12 and Folic Acid are given for increased bioavailability and therapeutic effects.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been utilized for thousands of years. It includes the use of Chinese herbs, dietary changes and acupuncture to balance the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the theory that Yin and Yang are two life forces that govern all existence and activities including health and disease. These forces are in constant interaction and so long as there is balance health is maintained, disease and symptoms arise when disequilibrium occurs. Diet, lifestyle factors, over work, stress, trauma and emotional disturbances can all affect the flow of yin and yang. Eastern herbs may be given in the form of teas, pills, and tinctures to be used internally or externally as a wash.


Energy patterns that correspond to different organs systems are mapped out on the body and are collectively referred to as meridian systems. Sterile disposable needles are inserted into the tissue at specific points on these meridian systems to perform certain actions including unblocking stagnant energy and allow the body to regain equilibrium.
Tongue and Pulse analysis
In Chinese medicine, the organs of the body are mapped out on the tongue and the internal state of the body can be more thoroughly assessed through observation of the tongue and feeling the pulse of the patient. Naturopathic Doctors are trained in analyzing the tongue and pulse and using the information gathered to devise individualized treatment protocols to balance the body.
Naturopathic Doctors received extensive training and hands on experience in acupuncture throughout their four years of post-graduate education. Acupuncture, especially when combined with other treatments have been shown to be effective for treating:
– Infertility
– Irregular menstruation and painful or heavy periods
– Digestive issues, including heartburn, bloating, chronic constipation or diarrhea
– Insomnia
– Anxiety and mood disturbances
– Chronic pain
– Headaches and migraines
– Musculoskeletal injuries
– Stress management
– And many more…

Acupuncture sessions typically last 30 minutes. Usually a series of 8-12 sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Botanical Medicine

The use of medicinal herbs in the form of pills, teas and tinctures are often prescribed for therapeutic purposes. Naturopathic Doctors place strong evidence on the scientific evidence which modern science presents on the therapeutic effectiveness together with the energetic qualities of an herb to treat various health conditions. Naturopathic Doctors are the only licensed health care practitioners trained in Botanical Medicine. As such, they are thoroughly trained in the indications, contra-indications and interactions of herbal substances insuring safe and often effective treatment.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine is based on the Law of Similars. Very dilute substances such as herbs and minerals are given to match the patient’s distinct symptom picture. This very energetic form of medicine places strong emphasis on the distinct characteristics of each person’s unique presentation; as such it is a highly individualized and powerful form of medicine.

Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle Counseling involves identifying risk factors that could be affecting your health and making recommendations to optimize your physical, mental, and environmental wellbeing.

Healthy coping mechanisms are recommended, in addition to cognitive behavioural therapies where indicated, in order to assist your body and mind to make healthy responses to stressors. These tools allow you to become more conscious of your body and mind, making proactive choices regarding your health and ownership of how you think and respond to daily stressors.

Often, the impact of stress has been found to be at the root cause of many common health concerns including:

  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • High blood pressure
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Insomnia
  • Low energy
  • Irregular menses
  • Digestive Issues including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and heart burn
  • Inflammation
  • Diabetes and Insulin Resistance
  • Weight gain

Addressing the mind-body connections to health is just as important as addressing physical symptoms. Naturopathic Doctors take the time to provide compassionate care and listen to each patient. Since stress plays a significant role in all of our lives, incorporating effective stress management techniques is a vital aspect of each visit. Stress management skills may include breathing techniques, meditation, self-care, journaling and cognitive restructuring.

Naturopathic FAQs:

What do Naturopaths treat?

Naturopathic Doctors treat a wide range of acute and chronic health issues. Many also see Naturopathic doctors for health promotion and prevention in order to reduce risk factors for chronic disease and optimize their overall health.

Commonly treated conditions include:

  • Digestive concerns
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Fertility
  • Mental health including anxiety and depression
  • Immune health
  • Prenatal care
  • Pediatric health conditions including autism, ADD and ADHD
  • Weightloss
  • Diabeties, high cholesterol, high blood pressure
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Fibromyalgia and chronic pain
  • Stress management
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