Foot Orthotics

At Cloud Care Clinics, we take measures to ensure all aspects of your health are thoroughly assessed for to optimum function, and that includes everything from your head to toes!

That’s why we recognize that proper foot function is important for many aspects of health, and in particular for the lower limbs and low back. Small biomechanical flaws in gait can have a larger impact on structures higher up in the kinetic chain.

Custom made foot orthotics may be able to help solve these problems, and subsequently even help elevate issues higher up within this kinetic chain. Many times, poor mechanics in the lower back, hips, knees and ankle can start at the base structures of the feet.

By creating a 3D cast of your feet, your orthotic insoles will truly be customized to fit each foot precisely and allow the optimal functional correction of biomechanical issues. Speak to your Chiropractor or Chiropodist today about how custom orthotics can benefit you!

For a selection of off the shelf orthotic shoes, you can have your custom made orthotics fit to, visit  Atlas Orthotics

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